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Daniel and the Corset Empire!

Many Days - Many Nights

Daniel Erickson
30 November 1961
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I write crazy shit, man on man erotica, and sell ladies underwear. You should read more to get an idea of who I am. I'm not patient glibly explaining who I am. Some people do this well but i am weak at it.

So I will admit these things...

I was born into humanity and escaped to the woods, raised by wolves, and eventually abandoned because I ran too slow. I was taken in my a kind Victorian woman who wanted to show her Theosophical Society how Man was a construct of learned behaviours and not emanations or rays from the consciousness of God. She attempted to irritate me with various utensils I knew were superfluous to actual eating and proceeded to tear her throat out.

My escape from her home revealed it to be a Brothel in New England and I then secreted myself in a band of Swedish circus workers that raised me as one of their own. They lived in Erie Pennsylvania and continue to secretly run the government there to this day.

I was finally tamed by a kind woman named Ynhared and still to this day amaze her with my peculiarities and perversions. She will never admit to being amazed rather say she is amused. We are married to a massage therapist and former bee keeper, Shayne, who maintains the integrity of this computer and server in the face of my attempts to open the Windows folder. NO! Bad! Oh the PAIN!